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Scott Blanchard, Ph.D., Professor

Scott Blanchard, PhD
E-mail: sblanchard@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6424
Office: Mercy Hall 373

Dr. Scott Blanchard received his PhD in 1987 from Columbia University and his BA from Middlebury College in 1978. His interests lie primarily in Renaissance Studies but also include secondary interests in modern poetry, linguistics, and literary criticism. His 1995 book, Scholars' Bedlam (Bucknell University Press), examined the history of Menippean satire prior to and during the European Renaissance, and since then he has published in a variety of journals, including Renaissance Quarterly, The Journal of the History of Ideas, and Renaissance Studies. He has a translation of a fifteenth-century author, Francesco Filelfo, forthcoming in the I Tatti Renaissance Library series (Florentine Discussions On Exile [Harvard University Press]) and is also at work on an edition of Giovanni di Carlo's fifteenth-century history of the Medici regime, Libri de temporibus suis, for an Italian series of primary texts of medieval and humanistic historiography. Dr. Blanchard received Misericordia's Louis and Barbara Alesi Excellence in Scholarship Award in 2002, 2014, and 2018. In his spare time he starts furniture-building projects that he rarely has the time to complete.

For Dr. Blanchard's full CV, click here.

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Amanda Caleb, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Director, BA to MA program

Amanda Caleb, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, BA to MA program
Director, Medical and Health Humanities

E-mail: acaleb@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-8113
Office: Mercy Hall 308

Dr. Amanda Caleb received her PhD in English and MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies from the University of Sheffield and her BA in English and Gender Studies from Davidson College. She specializes in nineteenth-century British literature, particularly the novel and short story, and the intersection of science, medicine, and literature. Dr. Caleb teaches classes in British Romanticism, Victorian literature, medicine and literature, science and literature, and fairy tales. She has published several articles on science and literature, specifically on the works of H.G. Wells, Arthur Machen, and Robert Louis Stevenson. She is the editor of (Re)creating Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007) and Teleny (Valancourt, 2010), an anonymous novel associated with Oscar Wilde. Dr. Caleb is currently working on a monograph studying the intersection of science, medicine, and decadence in British fictions of the late nineteenth century. She received Misericordia's Pauly and Sidney Friedman Excellence in Service Award in 2015. In 2018, she was awarded a three-year Humanities Connections grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For Dr. Caleb's complete CV, click here.

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Patrick Danner, PhD
Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-674-8158
Email: pdanner@misericordia.edu
Office: Mercy Hall 320

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Patrick Hamilton, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair

Patrick Hamilton, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair
E-mail: phamilton@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-8020
Office: Mercy Hall 305

Dr. Patrick Hamilton specializes in Chicano/a and U.S. multi-ethnic literature, as well as the study of narrative and race/ethnicity in comics and graphic novels. He received his PhD from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2006, and, prior to that, his M.A. from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. In his book, Of Space & Mind: Cognitive Mappings of Contemporary Chicano/a Fiction (University of Texas Press, 2011), he explores the ways in which Chicano/a novelists from the late twentieth century challenge the ways we think and have been taught to think about the position of Chicanos/as within U.S. society. Dr. Hamilton has taught a wide variety of courses at Misericordia University, including ones in 19th and 20th century American literature, Chicano/a literature, U.S. multi-ethnic literature, the detective in literature, and magical realism. With Dr. Allan Austin of the History Department, he team-teaches a course in race and ethnicity in post-World War II graphic narrative. Currently, he and Dr. Austin are working on a critical history of race and ethnicity in superhero popular culture.

For Dr. Hamilton's complete CV, click here.

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Matthew Nickel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Matthew Nickel, PhD
Associate Professor
E-mail: mnickel@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-8021
Office: Mercy Hall 368

Dr. Matthew Nickel has published essays about and presented on numerous American and British writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Robert Penn Warren, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Richard Aldington, Lawrence Durrell, and J. R. R. Tolkien. He teaches Modernist literature, Southern literature, Christian literature, and Poetry. His critical book, Hemingway's Dark Night: Catholic Influences and Intertextualities in the Work of Ernest Hemingway, examines Hemingway's work in the light of his lifelong devotion to Catholicism. Other recent books include a collection of poems, The Leek Soup Songbook (Des Hymnagistes Press 2015), and a collection of essays co-edited with H. R. Stoneback, Affirming the Gold Thread: Aldington, Hemingway, Pound & Imagism in Torcello and Venice (Florida English Press 2014). Dr. Nickel received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his M.A. and B.A. from SUNY-New Paltz.

For Dr. Nickel's complete CV, click here.

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Rebecca Steinberger, Ph.D., Professor

Rebecca Steinberger, PhD
E-mail: rsteinberger@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6423
Office: Mercy Hall 360

In addition to Shakespeare and early modern cultural studies, Dr. Rebecca Steinberger's research interests include contemporary Irish drama, the city of London, literary treatments of terrorism, and the rhetoric of disability in theatre. She is the author of Shakespeare and Twentieth-Century Irish Drama: Conceptualizing Identity and Staging Boundaries (Ashgate, 2008), and contributing editor of The Renaissance Literature Handbook (Continuum, 2009), Adam Max Cohen's Wonder in Shakespeare (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), and Encountering Ephemera 1500-1800: Scholarship, Performance, Classroom (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012). Dr. Steinberger received Misericordia's Judge Max and Tillie Rosenn Excellence in Teaching Award in 2006 and the Louis and Barbara Alesi Excellence in Scholarship Award in 2011.

For Dr. Steinberger's complete CV, click here.

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Joseph Glowzenski, MA
Email: jglowzen@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6334
Office: Mercy Hall 366


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Richard Hancuff, PhD
Email: rhancuff@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-8177
Office: Walsh 336

Dr. Hancuff holds a PhD in English from George Washington University and a BS in Secondary Education from the Pennsylvania State University. He specializes in national identity formation through and against competing and intersecting discourses primarily of race and ethnicity, particularly in African American and American literature.


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Matthew Hinton, MFA
Email: mhinton@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6703
Office: Alumnae Hall 31 (lower level)


Matthew S. Hinton (MA, MFA) was born in the back seat of his great grandmother's Posten Taxi in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He is a playwright, poet, editor, and educator, and serves as Coordinator of Writing at Misericordia University. He spent his graduate years conducting research for the official biography, Norman Mailer: A Double-Life by Dr. J. Michael Lennon. In addition, Hinton specializes in theatre and creative endeavors, as well as the works of John Gardner, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Ross Macdonald, and several others. His collection of detective poetry, entitled Instant Deaths and Stutter Guns, is forthcoming. He dreams in analog.


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Jeffrey Kelly, MS
Email: jkelly2@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6155
Office: outside of Lemmond Theatre


Jeff Kelly is a Dallas native, having attended Dallas High School and continuing on to get both of his Degrees from Misericordia. His area of specialty is general theater, and he serves as Misericordia's Theatre Director. He has experience in musical and straight productions, as well as a large background in technical theater. He is one of the assistant directors and lighting director at Dallas High school, and has worked with several community theaters and high schools.


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Jessica Nickel, MA
Email: jnickel@misericordia.edu
Phone: 570-674-6334
Office: Mercy Hall 366


Jessica Nickel holds an MA in English and an MAT in English, both from The State University of New York at New Paltz. She specializes in American Literature and focuses particularly on the works of Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Flannery O'Connor, and Ernest Hemingway.

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