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The old Whiteknights house is a modernized Victorian building at the heart of campusThe BA to MA in English is a five-year program in which students complete a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Misericordia and a one-year Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. Students choose from the following specializations: a Master's degree in English, with tracks in Renaissance, Victorian, or Modern and Contemporary Literature; a Master's degree in Children's Literature; or a Master's degree in Samuel Beckett: Archive, Text, and Performance.

Studying for an MA at the University of Reading has three major benefits: lower tuition fees than many US graduate programs in English; a shorter duration (twelve months as opposed to twenty-four months); world-renowned facilities and faculty. The University of Reading is ranked in the top one percent of universities in the world according to the 2019 Times Higher Education University Ranking and the 2019 QS University World Rankings. The University is a 30-minute train ride to both London and Oxford. To learn more about the University of Reading's English department, please visit:

Students in the BA to MA track at Misericordia will benefit from the following:

  • Fast-track application to graduate school: students will write a letter of interest to the specific MA program and obtain the approval of the English department's full-time faculty at Misericordia—no GREs, letters of recommendation, etc. are required.
  • Early admission: students will be notified of their offer to attend the University of Reading by July 1st before their final year of study at Misericordia.
  • Tuition benefit: students in the BA to MA track will benefit from a 10% discount on tuition.

These benefits are exclusive to Misericordia University students!

Students may join the BA to MA track as early as August of their first year of study at Misericordia and as late as Fall of their Junior year; they will follow a slightly altered curriculum from the traditional English BA majors (see below). Students in the BA to MA track must fulfill the following requirements by the end of their junior year:

  • Complete at least nine upper-division English classes;
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and a major GPA of 3.5;
  • Be approved for graduate study by all full-time faculty of the English department;
  • Write a letter of interest to the specific program or track at the University of Reading by May 20 of their Junior year.

Upon completion of these requirements, the program director will submit the supporting documents to the University of Reading; students will receive confirmation of acceptance by July 1 before their final year of study at Misericordia. Throughout the entire program, the program director will serve as advisor to the students to help with class selection, letter of interest, etc.

For additional information about this exciting new program, please contact Dr. Amanda M. Caleb, at (570) 674-8113 or

University of Reading










Course Sequence

Course sequence

Introductory level: Select three courses (9 credits)

  • ENG 245: British Literature I
  • ENG 246: British Literature II
  • ENG 247: American Literature I
  • ENG 248: American Literature II.

Intermediate Level: 15 credits
A. ENG 310: Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits)
B. Pre-1800 Literature: Select two courses (6 credits)

  • ENG 319: Early American Literature
  • ENG 347: Seventeenth Century Literature
  • ENG 350: Medieval & Renaissance Literature
  • ENG 351: Restoration & 18th Century Literature

C. Post-1800 Literature: Select two courses (6 credits)

  • ENG 320: 19th-Century American Literature
  • ENG 321: 20th-Century American Literature
  • ENG 355: British Romanticism
  • ENG 356: Victorian Literature
  • ENG 353: 20th-Century British Literature

Advanced Courses: 12 credits
A. ENG 412: Major Author (3 credits)
B. ENG 418: Language Studies (3 credits)
C. ENG 440: Advanced Literary Theory
ENG 450: Thesis (3 credits)

Major Electives: 9 credits in English at the 200, 300, or 400-level in addition to courses fulfilling the requirements above. Note: English/Secondary Education Majors are required to take 3 of these credits at the 200-level.

Advanced History Courses: 6 credits in History at the 200, 300, or 400-level.

Total: 51 credits (including English core)


Costs for the MA degree and funding opportunities

University of Reading

The current tuition fees (AY 2019-20) for the MA degree are £16,045 (approximately $20,645); Misericordia students enrolling at the University of Reading through Fall 2020 are guaranteed fee reduction of 10%, reducing the cost to £14,441 (approximately $18,580). The cost of living in Reading for 12 months ranges considerably based on housing preferences, personal needs, etc. The University of Reading estimates a weekly housing cost of £100-£200 (approximately $130-$260), and a total weekly living expense of £207-£342 (approximately $267-$440). These estimates are based on living in University accommodation and a generous budget for entertainment, travel, etc.; for students who are willing to live in a shared house not sponsored by the University (and who are more financially conservative), weekly living expenses could range from £175-£210 (approximately $225-$270). For more information about costs, click here.

While the total cost of studying at the University of Reading will vary based on current exchange rates and personal accommodation needs/wants, students should expect the 12-month program to cost approximately $32,000.

There are several sources of funding to offset the cost of studying for your MA at the University of Reading:

Marshall Scholarships--varies; usually £23,000
Fulbright Scholarships--£12,000
Rotary Foundation Global Grants--$15,000
Sigma Tau Delta scholarships--up to $4000

Go! Overseas Scholarship--$500
US Federal Loans (through FAFSA)--varies based on financial need.

Students can also work up to 20 hours/week while living in the UK; the minimum wage in the UK is £7.70/hr ($9.90/hr).

Visa information

The MA at the University of Reading is a 12-month course of study and as such, the UK government requires students to have a Tier-4 general visa. Students will be able to apply for this visa once they receive an unconditional offer from the University of Reading (shortly after graduating from Misericordia University). The visa process requires that students provide certain information, including evidence of maintenance funds (proof that students can pay for the degree and living expenses; such proof can include scholarship and loan letters, bank statements, etc.). Students will be required to demonstrate financial support that covers tuition (£14,441 with the current discount) and living costs for 9 months (£1015/month), for a total of £23,576 or approximately $30,331.

The visa will be issued for the full course of study (12 months) plus an additional 4 months at the end of the course. Students are allowed to work 20 hours/week during term time and full time during vacation periods. Additionally, the UK now has an Immigration Health surcharge to cover medical expenses while studying abroad: the fee is £300 (approximately $385). The visa application costs £348 (approximately $448) and is generally processed within 3 weeks.

For more information about Tier-4 visas and the application process, please click here.

The University of Reading also offers an International Immigration Advice Service, which you can visit here.

Application form for the University of Reading

Students who have been approved for study at the University of Reading must complete an application form. When completing the application form, please upload your letter of interest to a specific program in the section requesting a personal statement; when requested to indicate a referee, please indicate Dr. Amanda M. Caleb ( for both spaces.

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