Physician Assistant Facilities

Misericordia University has a 7,575 square foot, custom designed Physician Assistant educational facility within the Trocaire Building on its main campus. The Chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies and PA program faculty have been directly involved in the design of the new educational area. Key features of this space include a dedicated Physician Assistant didactic year classroom with state of the art ‘smart-technology’, an open-floor-plan physical assessment and procedural skills lab with eleven examination areas, four private physical examination rooms which may be used for refining examination skills or objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), a PA student study area, and private offices for all PA program faculty and staff.

Additional instruction will occur in the Misericordia University cadaver lab, located in the Sciences Building, immediately adjacent to the Trocaire building. A professor with many years of experience in providing anatomy instruction within graduate medical education programs will deliver the anatomy curriculum for the PA program. The lab offers multiple full cadaver stations, allowing for direct participation by each PA student.

Equipment and Instructional Resources

The following equipment has been or will be purchased to support the educational activities of the Misericordia University Physician Assistant Program:

Classroom Equipment (A/V, Smart Tech & Classroom Equipment)

Classroom Equipment (A/V, Smart Technology & Classroom Equipment)

  • Rolling rectangular tables (for up to 30 seats)
  • Rolling chairs (for up to 30 seats)
  • Panasonic Data/Video Projector
  • Laser projector
  • Spectrum podium
  • Da-lite screen
  • Vaddio USB camera
  • Vaddio ceiling microphone
  • Extron FF ceiling speakers
  • Vaddio audio mixer
  • LG Blu-ray player
  • Crestron Capture HD recorder

Patient Assessment / Clinical Skills Lab Equipment (A/V, Smart Tech & Lab)

Patient Assessment / Clinical Skills Lab Equipment (A/V, Smart Technology & Lab Equipment) ADDITIONAL LAB EQUIPMENT WILL BE COMING JULY 2018

  • Fifteen Examination tables w/ gyn capability
  • Three EKG machines
  • Slit lamp
  • Portable examination lights
  • Fifteen Otoscope / Ophthalmoscope Head wall units (for physical assessment lab
  • Cast saw
  • Examination & Diagnostic Breast Trainer
  • Eye Examination Simulator
  • Ear Examination Simulator II
  • Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer
  • Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis Strap-On Simulator
  • AirSim Advance
  • Arterial Puncture Wrist
  • Advanced Venipuncture Arm - Brown Skin
  • Advanced Venipuncture Arm - Light Skin
  • Ultrasound Vascular Access Trainer
  • Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Simulator Mk 2
  • PHaSES Instrument Kit
  • Knee Aspiration & Examination with Ultrasound Capabilities
  • Sharp 70'' Professional Display
  • Wall mount with tilt
  • Extron 7'' cable cubby touchlink touch panel
  • Extron All-in-one switcher, scaler, , audio power amplifier, and control
  • processor
  • Custom wall plate
  • Cabling
  • 1 Mersive Soltice Collaboration system
  • ExtronTP receiver
  • Da-lite screen
  • Vaddio ceiling camera
  • Installation
  • Programming

Instructional Resources Available through CHSE

Instructional Resources Available through the College of Health Sciences & Education

  • Life-size VitalSim™ Manikin; may be used to interpret heart sounds, assess lung fields, and listen for abnormal abdominal sounds. May also be used for wound care practice, certain technical procedures including endotracheal intubation, nasogastric tube insertion, and bladder catheterization
  • “Free clinic” (physical and occupational therapy) outpatient offices, allowing for observation of a variety of clinical activities.
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