Preparing for Your Future in Psychology

The Psychology Department is committed to helping students to prepare for their future careers. We take a developmental and multi-pronged approach to career preparation, which involves: required and elective career planning courses, career-related events, and personal academic advising.

Career Courses

In their first year, students take a required 1-credit course introducing them to the discipline of psychology and career options within psychology. During their sophomore year, students take a required 2-credit course which focuses more explicitly on individual career selection, culminating in a written academic plan that addresses career goals.

Students planning to enter the workforce following graduation can take a 1-credit course during their senior year that focuses on post-graduation career planning and job searching.

Graduate School Preparation Courses

Students planning to pursue graduate study can take a 2-course sequence of graduate school preparation courses during their junior and senior years (1 credit). These courses assist students in: choosing appropriate graduate programs to which to apply; preparing for GRE examinations and admissions interviews; and developing a portfolio of graduate admissions materials, including personal statements, curriculum vitae, and requests for recommendations.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is another critical part of career planning and preparation. Students meet with their advisors at least once per semester to discuss academic and career planning. Close relationships are built between students and advisors, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisors whenever they need assistance or advice.

Career Dinner

The Psychology Department sponsors a biannual "What to do with your Psychology Major" Career Dinner that brings together students and community members working in various careers within the psychology field (many are MU alumni). Organized in a round-robin format, students are able to hear about "a day in the life" of professionals in fields that interest them and learn about how to best pursue a career in those fields.

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