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Placing Reserves


Instructors place items on reserve in the library to provide students with supplemental materials for coursework. The library staff processes both traditional and electronic reserves. Placement of materials on reserve ensures access to frequently used items.

Traditional Reserves

Traditional reserves are books and other print and non-print items placed on the reserve shelf (behind the Circulation Desk) at the request of an instructor. Included are books, journal articles, class notes, DVDs, CDs, and other pertinent materials to support classroom instruction. Limited loan periods are set for these items so that access is maximized, and overdue fines are significantly higher than they are for the regular collection.

Form for Books & Audio-Visual Materials
Form for Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are electronic files or links to files that are placed on reserve at the request of an instructor and available through Blackboard. Files/links may include chapters, poems, journal articles, video files, and other pertinent materials to support classroom instruction. These materials can be accessed throughout the class and are removed after the class is over.

Form for Electronic Reserves

Fair Use

Permanent Reserves

Materials may be placed on permanent reserve if they are in compliance with copyright policy restrictions and the following guidelines:

  • They are owned by the library and are neither instructor- nor course-specific
  • They are publications for which the university owns the copyright or holds copyright permission
  • The instructor placing the item on reserve holds copyright ownership

Removal Policy

Materials will be removed from reserves at the end of each semester. Physical reserves should be picked up by faculty as soon as possible after a course has been completed, and library-owned materials will be returned to the collection. Electronic reserves will be removed from Blackboard Monday after finals.

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