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Misericordia University is proud to highlight the outstanding accomplishments of our Occupational Therapy Alumni. MU OT Alumni are involved in many aspects of the dynamic field of Occupational Therapy from clinical settings to education to community outreach and advocacy efforts. We are proud to highlight these outstanding individuals and the contributions they have made to the field of Occupational Therapy and within their communities.

Aimee E. Ketchum

Aimee Ketchum

Aimee E. Ketchum OTR/L, CNMI is the Owner/Creator of Aimee's Babies, LLC and a proud Misericordia University alumni of the OT Entry-Level Masters Program. Aimee’s Babies is an early childhood development company, founded by a pediatric occupational therapist for parents, therapists, pediatricians and anyone trying to give a child the best start possible.

In addition to her role as the Owner/Creater of Amiee’s Babies, Aimee was selected to participate in a national competition, the Word Gap Challenge. The Word Gap is the words that children from low income families don’t hear in their first three years as compared to children from more affluent families. These children start kindergarten at a severe disadvantage and never really catch up. It has become such an issue in our country that at the 2014 Family Summit, President Obama initiated a call to action and challenged the US Department of Health and Human Services to use technology to bridge the word gap. They turned it into the Word Gap Challenge and opened it up to the private sector to submit proposals.

Aimee submitted a proposal to create an app and out of 85 submissions, only 10 were selected, including Aimee. Each participant won $10,000 to make their products and received a mentor from the US Department of Health. Aimee's app, The Word Gap App, uses over 200 videos to demonstrate positive interactions between parents and babies. Creator of 8 other early childhood development apps and three educational DVD's, Aimee saw this an opportunity to use her technology skills and occupational therapy skills to educate parents and create awareness of the word gap. Ketchum advanced to phase 3 of the national competition and was awarded $25,000 for continued development and testing of her app. She will present the results of her research to the Department of Health in March of 2017 to compete for a chance to win the grand prize of $100,000 and have the Department of Health market her app as a national solution to the word gap problem.

“I am really excited to be representing as an OT because I think the reason I advanced is my app looks at the whole person. It addresses parent stress and nurtures the parent first. It addresses motor and sensory skills in conjunction with learning language and it puts a lot of stress on kindergarten readiness.”

-Aimee Ketchum OTR/L, CNMI

The Occupational Therapy Department and Misericordia University community wish Aimee the best of luck and continued success in Washington D.C.. We are so proud of you!

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Click here to visit Aimee's Babies website!

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