Bachelor of Science in Health Science: Surgical Technology Specialization

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Specialization in Surgical Technology is designed as a completion program for students to augment student knowledge in the health/fitness/wellness field.

The Specialization in Surgical Technology articulates with the current Misericordia University mission by focusing on not only critical inquiry in a service oriented profession but in understanding and accepting all individuals to assist in providing competent and appropriate access to wellness and disease prevention care.


  • Offered in a part-time format to fit your lifestyle and work schedule
  • Fully online option through the Part-Time Accelerated Degree Completion Program
  • Seamless transition and credit transfer process through articulation agreement with Luzerne County Community College
  • Program also available to transfer students from other institutions
  • Provides additional compensation and advancement opportunities
  • Access to abundant student resources and support
  • A bachelor degree provides greater employment opportunities

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Program Format

The surgical technology courses will be taught on the LCCC campus with an articulation agreement between the two institutions. The courses for degree completion in the specialization area articulated are a combination of in-class face-to-face courses and online courses. Students have the option of all online coursework through the part-time accelerated format.

Click here for more details on the Part-Time Accelerated Degree Completion Program.


Applicants must have completed all surgical technology requirements for board certification as part of an accredited associate degree program, and must have approval from the accrediting body to take the board examination prior to matriculating into the completion program.

Program Goals


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the patient care process from a social justice perspective.
  • Demonstrate critical reasoning skills in the patient care process by conducting a client assessment, identifying functional problems, and developing an appropriate intervention plan.
  • Interact and communicate professionally and courteously with clients while demonstrating the necessary clinical competencies required within their respective health care discipline.

Course Requirements

Health Science Core

MTH 115Basic Statistics3
PHL 100Introduction to Philosophy3
PSY 123Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 101Comparative Sociology3
BIO 121 OR
BIO 211
Human Structure and Function I
Anatomy and Physiology I

Health Science Completion Requirements

In addition to the Health Science core, and the Misericordia University Core Curriculum Requirements, all students must complete a minimum of 10 credits from the following completion requirements:

BIO 122 or BIO 212Human Structure and Function II*
Anatomy and Physiology II*
HCM 101Intro to Health Systems4
HP 125Introduction to Patient Navigation3
HP 135Health Behavior Change Application3
HP 235Prevention and Chronic Disease3
SOC 122Social Problems3

* Must be completed prior to enrollment in the program


Graduation Requirements: Must take 2 writing intensive (WI) courses, and fulfill technical (TC 000) competency requirements.


Currently students will have to complete all surgical technician requirements for board certification at LCCC since LCCC holds current accreditation. Students must have approval from the accrediting body to take the board examination prior to matriculating into the MU completion program.

Transfer Requirements

A maximum of sixty-one (61) credits may be accepted in transfer from an associate’s degree program. Those credits may be applied toward core curriculum, major, and free elective requirements toward the minimum 120 required credits for degree completion.

From the maximum of 61 transferable credits that may be accepted, the student must have a minimum of 31 transferable credits in surgical technician courses from an accredited program and and either BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I or BIO 121 Human Structure and Function I to be eligible for transfer.

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