Statistical Consulting Center (SCC)

Statistical Consulting Center

You have the idea. You have reviewed your literature.
Now is the time to see the SCC for designing the study!

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC), sponsored by the Mathematics Department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Misericordia University, serves your data analysis needs by improving the quality and efficiency of your research and turning your data into better-informed decisions. You will receive the comprehensive data analysis support you need to submit your ideas for publication.

Get the tools and the expert guidance that you need to publish your idea and improve your results. The SCC will do the heavy lifting with your data so that you can focus on developing better conclusions. We specialize in converting data into information that is easy to understand and presenting it in a way that adds significant value to your research.

The SCC employs both a professional statistician and research assistants. The director, Dr. Michael Floren, has his PhD in Applied Statistics and Research Methods from the University of Northern Colorado, and has served on hundreds of consultations over the last 10 years. Our research assistants, statistics students at Misericordia University, are all experienced in statistical analysis and have worked on previous statistical consulting projects with Dr. Floren.


  • Alleviate anxiety associated with complex analysis and design
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of your research
  • Save significant time so as to focus on content
  • Translate your data into something understandable
  • Collaborate on complex tasks and statistics
  • Work with Misericordia students experienced in statistical consulting
  • All projects reviewed by Ph.D. level statistician


  • Design the study
  • Advice on research methods
  • Construct research questions
  • Design surveys
  • Sample size determinations (ie. power analysis)
  • Design data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • Data analysis
  • Graphing/Visualization
  • Advice on drafting methods, results, and conclusions sections

Projects of all sizes will be considered regardless of where you are in the process, so why not take the stress out of cleaning your data and rely of the expertise of the SCC to help complete your study?

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule an initial consultation, click here to submit the Consultation Request Form.
Please know that requests may take up to 3-5 business days to be processed. An SCC consultant will contact you to begin scheduling your first meeting.

The Statistical Consulting Center will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Please note that the times and duration of individual appointments will vary depending on the breadth of your project as well as the availability of the statistical consultants/research assistants.

Any questions can be directed to or 570-674-6306.

At this time, the SCC is only accepting internal clients. If you are not affiliated with the university, but are interested in arranging statistical consulting services, please feel free to contact Dr. Michael Floren at or 570-674-8483.

What to expect for first consultation


If you are considering employing the services of the SCC, we offer a free one-hour initial consultation to discuss how we may add value to your project. This face-to-face meeting is also important for us to better understand the complexities of your research beyond what has been submitted through the online Consultation Request form. While SCC consultants may begin to offer general advice during this meeting, specific recommendations and/or comprehensive solutions are rare at this stage.


What should you bring in?

To best familiarize the SCC with your study, we recommend that you bring the following items to your first consultation:

  • Clear statement of the purpose of the project. Don’t worry if you are still rolling around the idea: we can help you solidify it!
  • Copies of relevant articles and earlier work on similar topics in the discipline and/or from journals you are targeting for publication.

If you are seeking advice on data analyses or reporting writing after data collection, in addition to the above items, the following documents are also needed:

  • A copy of the project/research protocol, if available
  • A sample of the data collection materials (e.g., a copy of the survey)
  • IRB approval or application draft, if appropriate
  • An electronic copy of the complete data set, if available
  • Results of preliminary analyses performed, if available
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