Communications Major Curriculum

Communications Department Goals

  1. Produce oral, written, virtual, and mediated communication that demonstrates coherent integration of communication theory and processes. (University Goals 7, 8)
  2. Apply, respect, and value the role of ethics and the law in mass media practices, procedures, policies, and issues. (University Goals 1, 2, 3)
  3. Demonstrate critical discernment of mass media products and possess a system of scholarship and inquiry that informs and enriches professional preparation (University Goals 4, 5, 6)
  4. Combine the technical, theoretical, and aesthetic means to create effective messages for mass audiences (University Goals 7, 8)

Communications Department Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate effective interpersonal, group, and public communication skills. (Program Goal 1)
  2. Write clearly and effectively in forms and styles appropriate for the professions, audiences and purposes being served. (Program Goals 1, 2, 4)
  3. Perform critical evaluations and offer judgments on media products and systems. (Program Goals 2, 3)
  4. Demonstrate the use of communication tools and practices both ethically and legally. (Program Goal 2)
  5. Conduct research and critically evaluate information using methods appropriate to communications professions (Program Goal 3)
  6. Develop expertise across media platforms to craft creative, aesthetically effective messages according to media industry standards. (Program Goals 1, 4)

48 hours in Misericordia's College Core

33 hours in the Communication Core (as follows):

Com 102 Intro to Mass Communication 3 credits
Com 215 Web Design & Production 3 credits
Com 217 Introduction to Graphic Design 3 credits
Com 220 Journalism I 3 credits
Com 222 Introduction to Photography 3 credits
Com 232 Video Production I 3 credits
Com 307 Communication Research 3 credits
Com 470 Professional Media Internship 3 credits
Com 490 Senior Seminar 3 credits
Practicum 3 credits
(1 credit in each of 3 semesters)

Area of Chosen Concentration:

15 credits of COM electives

    • The student, along with an advisor, chooses a minimum of five additional Communications courses (15 credits) in their area of interest: videography, graphic design, publication relations, journalism and more.
    • 27 credits of free electives

Communications Minor:

Total: 18 credit hours

Required Courses:

COM 102 Intro to Mass Communications 3 credits
COM 307 Communications Research 3 credits

The COM minor requires an additional 12 credit hours of COM electives, which must be chosen from the following: COM 220 Journalism I, COM 232 Video I, COM 215 Web Design, COM 222 Introduction to Photography, COM 310 Graphic Design for Print and Web, COM 251 Public Relations, COM 306 Media Criticism, BUS 269 Marketing, BUS 340 Advertising

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