Student Success Center Mission Statement

The Misericordia University Student Success Center (SSC) enhances learning through our collaborative, compassionate, and personalized approach. We seek to empower students through the development of academic and social skills, connection to resources, and the encouragement of self-efficacy. As campus liaisons, we strive to create an environment that welcomes all, and to develop relationships that promote student persistence and success.

For more information, please call (570) 674-6408 or e-mail Kathy Zawatski at or visit us in Alumnae Hall, Lower Level.

Academic Services

Individual Academic Support

The Student Success Center offers individual academic support to students who request help with general study skills and learning strategies. Students who are experiencing difficulty in specific courses or would like to improve their performance in a specific course or courses can make an appointment with one of the Student Success Center's academic support professionals. The student will receive a professional assessment of current strategies, suggestions for alternate strategies and follow up services which may include sessions with an Academic Coach.

Tutoring Center

Misericordia University offers a variety of tutorial options to assist students in achieving academic goals. Small group tutoring is provided in most core curriculum courses and many professional courses using a peer educator model. Tutors are selected for their excellent academic skills and demonstrated understanding of course content and are trained to present materials and demonstrate study methods to help other students succeed. Online tutoring is also available 24/7, please contact the Student Success Center for more information.

Tutoring is free to students and can be scheduled online through the myMU portal. Services are offered Sundays through Thursdays until 9:00 PM.

Writing Center

The Misericordia University Writing Center supports in all facets of the writing process by empowering writers in a friendly and supportive environment and by providing exceptional writing assistance and resources.

Students may bring papers to the Writing Center at any phase of the writing process for feedback and support. The Writing Center in drop-in and staffed by peers from a variety of academic disciplines. Drop-in hours are Monday-Thursday from 10 p.m. until 4 p.m and 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students may also email papers to or call to speak to a writing tutor (570) 674-6191.

Special Programs

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program provides incoming first year students with an opportunity to come on campus five days before their first semester begins to learn skills and techniques to help them build a "bridge" between their high school and college experiences. The Bridge Program provides both academic and personal motivational support through a series of workshops that address note-taking, academic organizing, time management, text book reading, goal development, stress management, peer pressure, and positive thinking. Students are assessed in the areas of study skills, personality/learning style and self-esteem. They are then provided with techniques to strengthen areas of weakness and are affirmed in their areas of strength. In addition, students have an opportunity to get to know other students before the formal semester begins and to develop the staff, student and faculty support networks that can assist them in making a smooth transition to college. Student participation in the Bridge Program is by invitation and is strictly voluntary.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is designed to orient first year students to the institution and help them integrate themselves into the College community. Through a special introductory session at orientation class during the first semester, all first year students have the opportunity to become familiar with key offices, services and resource on campus and to explore issues related to college life, i.e., diversity, wellness, critical thinking, learning and communication skills.

Choice Program

Misericordia University's Choice Program consists of a series of workshops designed to assist Undeclared students explore their interests, values and skills as well as the various Misericordia major curricula and world of work. During the Choice program, students meet with their advisor and will complete a series of informal assessments, engage in individual and group reflection experiences, interact with area employers representing student's fields of interest, explore the Misericordia catalogue and meet with Misericordia professors to explore career options in the various major fields. The Choice Program offers Undeclared students an opportunity to interact with other students who are exploring their futures and provides them with a support system as they adjust to college and make decisions about their major and career choices. This workshop is co-developed by the Student Success Center and the Insalaco Center for Career Development.

Academic Interventions for First Year Students

The Student Success Center closely monitors first year student grades. During the first semester, students who are struggling academically at midterm are invited to attend a voluntary academic support program called G.P.S. (Goal Planning & Strategy) Motivation). The program consists of a workshop series that assists students in developing time management skills, study skills, learning strategies and behaviors associated with success in college.

For students who are placed on academic probation after the first semester, The Student Success Center provides a required academic intervention program called M.A.P.S. (Misericordia Academic Planning for Success). This program consists of a semester long intervention program that helps students develop time management skills, study skills, learning strategies and behaviors associated with success in college. The Student Success Center staff maintain close contact with the faculty and sports coaches of students involved in the program for the purpose of monitoring student progress. Students are also placed in tutoring groups that addresses the course work where the student needs the most assistance.

Office for Students With Disabilities

Misericordia University is committed to creating an environment where all are welcome and does not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, educational process, or treatment of students. In the spirit of hospitality and justice, we comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended. In order to receive services, students must self-identify their disability and provide documentation from a healthcare professional. Eligibility for accommodations such academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aides is determined through an individualized, interactive process in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

The OSD is located in the Student Success Center, on the lower level of Alumnae Hall. Individuals seeking accommodations may call 570-674-6408 or email Kristen Ricardo, Assistant Director SSC/Office for Students with Disabilities at

Click here for more information on services for Students with disabilities

Extended and Online Campus Support

The SSC is committed to supporting our students, wherever they are! Online tutoring and writing support is available for students enrolled in our Arch program or attending classes at extended campuses. Students may request tutoring through the online Smarthinking service, and may access the Writing Center via email to request a paper conference via phone or video chat service. Students may also request remote academic coaching or academic planning sessions with a College liaison. Our daytime, evening and weekend hours provide easy access to students with a variety of scheduling needs.

Students enrolled in extended and online campus program requesting accommodations should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.

More information is available on the myMU portal.


Jessica M. Nelson, MBA, MEd, MAS - Director of the Student Success Center, contact

Kristen Ricardo, M.S. - Assistant Director, Student Success Center/Office for Students with Disabilities, contact

Matthew S. Hinton, M.A., M.F.A - Assistant Director/Academic Student Services -contact

Megan Hurley, M.S.- College Liaison - College of Health Sciences and Education, contact

Tabitha Bolinsky, MEd, - College Liaison - College of Arts and Sciences; College of Business, contact

Jennifer Cory, M.S. - Coordinator, Tutoring Center, contact

Scott Woolnough, M.S. - Coordinator, ALP, contact

Jill Nulton, M.S. , Coordinator, ALP, contact

Jessica Aritz, M.S. - Coordinator, ALP, contact

Kathy Zawatski - Administrative Assistant, contact

To Make An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call the SSC (570) 674-6408 Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. or visit the SSC in the lower level of Alumnae Hall. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. For more information on the SSC, e-mail or call (570) 674-6408.

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