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Handshake is Misericordia University's newest career management platform. Employers can post jobs and internships directly to the site and communication directly with students.

Connecting to MU

Connecting to Misericordia University

Campus Contacts
If you wish to meet with a Misericordia University faculty or staff person, please use the following link: Searchable Faculty Directory. Contact the person directly to arrange a meeting place and time.

Table in Banks Student Center
Gain visibility and meet students in an informal setting! There is a large amount of student traffic in and around this building, and this is an excellent place to market your company's opportunities. Tables may be scheduled from 11am to 2pm Monday-Friday based on availability. Contact Janine Fawbush at 570-674-6409 to schedule a date.

Participating in Career Services Events
Attend and/or sponsor one of our office events or workshops. The ICCD offers a variety of job search programs to prepare students for their professional life after college. Example topics include: “How to Succeed in Your Internship", “Mock Interviews", “Business Etiquette" and “Resume Writing", Contact 570-674-6409 or iccareer@misericordia.edu to sign-up or to find out about more opportunities.

Host an Information Meeting/Lunch
Give a presentation about your company and its opportunities to students in a group setting or luncheon. Contact 570-674-6409 or iccareer@misericordia.eduto discuss this opportunity.


The Internship Program at Misericordia University

The purpose of the Academic Internship Program at Misericordia University is to facilitate student learning opportunities outside the classroom. Internships offer experience-based learning that enhance students' academic and career goals. These experiences serve to provide the opportunity to apply classroom theory to "real world" situations. As an employer, you are invited to participate in the Academic Internship Program at the Misericordia University. The partnerships developed between employer and the college along with the education this program provides to students has proven beneficial to all concerned. The program is a valuable source to employers for completing special projects or obtaining additional manpower for existing projects. Our students are dedicated, bright and highly motivated. They bring new ideas and fresh insights to the workplace. Please join us in extending our students' learning experiences into the "work world." If you would like to discuss an internship opportunity or if you would like assistance in setting up an internship program at your organization please contact 570-674-6409 or iccareer@misericordia.edu

  • Internship Benefits
  • Actively participating in an academic internship benefits all parties involved; the internship provider, the student and the educational institution.
  • Benefits to Internship Providers:
  • Creates a candidate pool for future hiring
  • Provides first hand knowledge of abilities of potential future employees
  • Enhances functions of the office by providing extra manpower
  • Provides fresh, enthusiastic, creative, and productive employees
  • Creates a way for employers to “give back" to the community
  • Strengthens relationship with Misericordia University
  • Benefits to Intern Students:
  • Provides work experience in a field of interest
  • Creates a springboard from college life to career life
  • Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues
  • Strengthens background in field of choice
  • Increases marketability to employers
  • Creates the potential for future work with the company
  • Provides potential work-related references
  • Creates an opportunity for networking
  • Benefits to Department/College:
  • Provides learning experiences that are more valuable than case studies and lectures alone
  • Validates the college's curriculum in a working environment
  • Connects faculty to current trends within their professional field
  • Creates more competitive and employable graduates
  • Increases program credibility and student excellence
  • Creates stronger ties with alumni


Please see the The Intern Sponsor- Reference Guide for more information

On-Campus Recruiting

The On-Campus Recruiting Program at Misericordia University is a structured process facilitated by the Insalaco Center Career Development (ICCD) to bring students and employers together on campus to participate in interviewing opportunities.

When interviewing occurs: Fall on campus recruiting runs from early October to mid-November and Spring on campus recruiting runs from mid-February to early May.

To schedule a visit: Contact 570-674-6409.

How it works: First we establish a date you would like to come to campus to conduct interviews. We will then establish a deadline date by which interested students must apply online. After the deadline passes, you view, print, and prescreen candidate resumes, make candidate selections and forward those names to the ICCD via fax (570-674-6700), email iccareer@misericordia.edu or phone (570-674-6409). We can also arrange to e-mail or fax you the resumes of interested students. The ICCD then notifies students of selection and establishes interview schedules.

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