Parents can access on-line resources and information useful for helping their student achieve professional success. Our staff is also available to answer questions on career options and career search. Misericordia University wants to open doors of opportunity for all of its graduates. The links at left are some of the services most frequently asked about by parents.

Choice Program

The Choice Program for Undeclared Students

Misericordia University's Choice Program consists of a series of seven workshops designed to assist Undeclared students explore their interests, values, and skills as well as the various Misericordia major curricula and world of work. All incoming first year Undeclared students are encouraged to participate in this experience. During the seven-week series, students will complete a series of informal assessments, engage in individual and group reflection experiences, interact with area employers representing student's fields of interest, explore the Misericordia catalogue, and meet with Misericordia professors to explore career options in the various major fields. The Choice Program offers Undeclared students an opportunity to interact with other students who are exploring their futures and provides them with a support system as they adjust to college and make decisions about their major and career choices. This workshop series is co-facilitated by the Student Success Center and the Insalaco Center for Career Development.

Guaranteed Placement Program

To find out more about the Guaranteed Placement Program, click the link below and see the accordion labeled "Guaranteed Placement Program".


Parent Guide to Career Development

In order for a student to become successful in a career after graduation, the student needs to have a plan. Parents can help with this plan by being a resource for their child and helping the student find other resources that he or she can utilize. Here are some ways to begin:

  • Help your son/daughter develop a list of everyone you both know (friends, family, business associates, etc) that are working in your son/daughter's field of interest. Have your child contact these people to arrange an informational interview or a job shadowing experience where they can get a better understanding of the job and start building a network of professional contacts.
  • If your son/daughter is not sure of their career path, encourage them to do internet research. The student should make a list of careers/occupations that interest them and research such things as the starting salary, the qualifications for this position and where the likely job markets are in the country for these positions. A good site for research is the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • Encourage son/daughter to visit the Insalaco Center for Career Development to make an appointment. Our counselors can:
    • Administer career aptitude assessments to help students find a career and a major that works for them
    • Work with students to develop a resume and cover letter
    • Practice interview skills
    • Help students start their job search

If you would like more information, a good book on this subject is “Parent's Guide to College and Careers: How to Help, Not Hover" by Barbara Cooke.

Students can take advantage of various workshops, mock interviews, career counseling and resume critiquing offered by the Insalaco Center for Career Development. In addition to these services, students can also search for internships and full-time/part-time jobs through our website at

The Insalaco Center for Career Development maintains student-counselor confidentiality for all our sessions. It is our hope that parents will play a supportive role in their son's or daughter's career development process.

Placement Statistics

The Alumni Survey Summary

Total Graduates 772
Number of Responses 272
Full-time 69%
Part-time 31%
Undergraduate 71%
Graduate 29%
Current Employment Status
Overall Placement Rate 94%
Employed Full-Time 70%
Employed Part-Time 12%
Per Diem 3%
Self Employed Full Time -
Self Employed Part Time -
Employed, Other -
In Military 1%
Not Employed & Seeking Employment 4%
Not Employed, Attending Grad School 10%
Not Employed, Other Duties -
Not Employed, Other -
Not Seeking Employment 1%
Salaries Reported (Full-Time)
$10-25,999 6%
$26-35,999 11%
$36-45,999 16%
$46-50,999 12%
$51,000+ 55%

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